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Wood-graining technique used to create exotic wood floor species..........

Inlay is the art of placing various flooring and other materials of nature into a floor to form borders or patterns or designs. 

Faux inlay is the creation and
reproduction of those materials normally used in floor inlay ie: marble, stone, woodgraining, or just simple colors, all to form patterns and designs, all hand painted to fool the eye. 

This includes variations of marquetry & parquetry both of which are forms of arranging wood pieces and strips into a geometric pattern and/or design.

The products of nature that are usually used include tortoise shell, ivory, mother of pearl, bone, brass, gold & other materials suitable for floor installation, All of which can be faux painted to simulate the real material. 

Thus a custom one-of-a kind, design & pattern can be achieved using various exotic wood grains, marbles, inlay pattern designs. The floor is then protected with several coats of a urethane floor finish.

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